Take Action!

We have an Urgent Call To Action!

PRIORITY LEGISLATION related to the Legislative Priority: Stop Sexualizing Texas Kids is scheduled for a hearing on Tuesday, March 21, with the House Public Education Committee's hearing of HB 900.

We need your support for this important legislation! Read to find out more about HB900 and what you can do to help!

HB 900 creates mandatory library standards related to collection in Texas public schools, including prohibiting schools from possessing, acquiring, and distributing materials considered sexually explicit and pervasively vulgar. Currently, Texas only has recommended guidelines related to library collection policies.

In addition, HB 900 requires vendors to label sexually explicit materials and issue a recall of sexually explicit books sold to Texas schools by September 2023. There is a stiff penalty to vendors who do not comply, as they will no longer be able to do business with any Texas school districts!

The Republican Party of Texas strongly supports HB 900, and it is a top priority of the Legislative Priorities Subcommittee: Stop Sexualizing Texas Kids to see this legislation become law.

The following action is needed:

1.  Go to the following link to register your written testimony and support for HB900, which will become part of the public record. The sooner you do so, the better, as it is time sensitive. A link for public comment is here:


A simple comment of support, like “I strongly support HB 900 because it prohibits harmful, sexually explicit materials in public schools" is all that's needed. But, this is also a good place to share your personal experience and struggles trying to get books removed from your own ISD. It is such an easy and effective way to make your voice heard so please use it!

2.  If you can, come testify at the Capitol on Tuesday, March 21, in Room E2.036. The Public Education Committee is set to begin hearing bills at 8:00 AM.

3.  Call the members of the committee and our Representatives, asking them to please support HB 900. It's a quick and simple call to make, registering your support for this important bill. See phone numbers below.

Thank you so much for your help! 
Your action makes such a difference!

Representative "Doc" Anderson, HD 56:  254-754-3892
Representative Angelia Orr, HD 13:  512-463-0600

These are the MCRW's 5 Legislative Priorities.


Ban Democrat Chairs

On January 12, some of our MCRW members joined the North Texas Conservatives as it took its first bus convoy of 160 patriots to the state Capitol to Ban Democrat Chairs.

Even though our efforts were briefly thwarted by the underhanded maneuvering of the schedule by Speaker Dade Phelan, we were not deterred. We converged on the Capitol with almost 1,000 patriots from across the state and we MADE OUR VOICE HEARD!

We participated in packing the House gallery with a sea of RED and we also participated in a press conference held by SREC Jill Glover, Rep. Slaton, Rep. Tinderholt, Rep. Schatzline, Rep. Harrison, and Rep. Hayes.