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Get Out the Vote Initiatives

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Sign up for one or more of these GOTV initiatives TODAY!

Please send an email with the name of the initiative and your name, phone number and email to: MCRWPAC@gmail.com

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Social Media

Take a Zoom class to learn how to make Social Media more effective during our campaigns and then SHARE our messages! Be a spoke of Influence!

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65+ Voter Calling

Person-to-person calling, no computer needed! Call voters 65+ to emphasize the importance of voting in this election.

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Block Walking

Knock on doors (with social distancing) to stress the importance of Voter Registration before October 5 and after that stress the importance of Voting Republican - Straight down the ballot.

wacorepublicanwomen | MCRW

Notes to New Residents to Register to Vote

We furnish the addresses and all the materials in kits of 10 and you write the notes!


wacorepublicanwomen | MCRW

Thanks so much to the Top-Tier Donors to our Billboard Project!
We're now on I-35!  

Red Dialer

Make phone calls with an automated system. Zoom training available. It’s easy!