New Members Choose Your Level of MCRW Membership Below

Existing Members

MCRW yearly memberships are from January through December.

Regular Member $40

Regular Members are women who are registered to vote and do not have a membership with another Republican Women's Club.

Associate Member $20

Associate Members are Republican men who wish to support our club or Republican women who are members of another RW club.

Patron Member $100

Patron Members are Republican women and men who would like to give additional support to MCRW programs and join at a higher level.

Sponsor Board $250

This is the highest level of membership. Men and women in this tier will receive special recognition for their generous contributions.

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Why Should I Join McLennan County Republican Women (MCRW)?

  • Together our voices are stronger promoting issues important to women.
  • Together we become effective leaders and volunteers for campaigns and issue advocacy.
  • Together we will work to influence legislation important to our conservative causes.
  • Together we can activate and financially support grassroots efforts in electing Republicans.
  • Together we will stay informed about current events and issues.
  • Together we will keep Texas Red in 2024!

We Appreciate Your Support

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When You Join MCRW You Will Have Access to:

  • 3-in-1 Membership – Joining MCRW automatically makes you a member of the Texas Federation of Republican Women (TFRW) and the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW). Because of the combined strength of our numbers, we have a voice that resonates with our leaders in Washington.
  • Information on Pending Legislation – Get updates on current legislative issues.
  • Interaction – Meet and interact with local, state, and federal elected officials and candidates.
  • Community Involvement - Participate in community outreach, such as….
    • Caring for America – We encourage volunteerism and private sector involvement within our community. This is our home and we work to make it better.
    • Literacy Projects – Promoting Conservative values through the donation of patriotic books and dictionaries to libraries, schools, hospitals, and other institutions.
  • Networking – Get to know like-minded women and develop relationships to further our causes

Do you believe in LIFE?

Do you believe in FAMILY values?

Do you believe in SECURE borders?

Do you believe in the right to DEFEND yourself?

Do you believe in FREEDOM, not Socialism?

If so, TAKE ACTION! Join us and make your VOICE HEARD on issues important to you!