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We count the hours we contribute to MCRW and to our Republican causes so that others may see the valuable investment that Republican Women make in our country. Click here for information about counting your hours. Please submit your monthly hours here: 


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Texas Federation of Republican Women

As a member of MCRW, you automatically become a member of the Texas Federation of Republican Women. There are many club resources available online to all TFRW members. On the TFRW website you may find club business forms, applications, calendars, and the TFRW Leadership Handbook. While many resources are available to any website visitor, some items require a password for access.

To access the “Members Only” section of the TFRW website: On the top right-hand corner of the website, enter information provided exclusively to you by TFRW. If you need to set up your account, follow directions on the home page provided by TFRW. If you still need assistance, email:

National Federation of Republican Women

In addition, the NFRW website also provides ample resources for members. 

Again, for some items you will need to log in. To access the “Member Center” of the NFRW website you need to set up your account. Follow the directions on the home page. NFRW also offers some very valuable and timely email updates, but you must sign up to receive them! In order to sign up, visit the NFRW website, select “Email Sign Up” from the top toolbar, and enter your own email information.