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Founded in 1955 with only a handful of members, the McLennan County Republican Women's club (MCRW) is now one of the largest Republican Women’s clubs in the state of Texas. Our motto is WE SHOW UP. You will see our members not only at political gatherings, conventions and rallies, but at charities and non-profits throughout our community. When there is a need, #WeShowUp!

We Believe In:


The United States Constitution

Pro-Life/Family Values

Right to Bear Arms

Strong National Defense

Limited Government

Balanced Budget

Free Market System

Decrease in Regulation

Three Equal Branches of Government

Personal Responsibility

Quality & Choice of Education

Opportunity for all

MCRW Mission

McLennan County Republican Women support and elect Republican candidates, preserve conservative values, educate and empower women to become a force for better government.

MCRW meets every 2nd Tuesday for General Meetings and because our club strives to provide our members and guests with the best information on conservative topics, we have some of the top national, state and local speakers at our meetings. We host candidate forums, bestselling authors, thought leaders and conservative speakers who bring us insightful commentary on issues that concern us.

These Conservative Speakers Spoke at MCRW Meetings. Did You Miss Them?

Allen West

Allen West

TV Commentator

Former US Congress

Former Texas Republican Party Chairman

abby-johnson | MCRW

Abby Johnson

Author of Unplanned

Pro-Life Advocate

ken-starr | MCRW

Kenneth Starr

Former US Circuit Judge

Former US Solicitor General

ramiro-pena | MCRW

Ramiro Pena


parnell-mcnamera | MCRW

Parnell McNamara

McLennan County Sherriff

Retired Deputy US Marshal

brian-birdwell | MCRW

Brian Birdwell

State Senator

doc.anderson | MCRW

Doc Anderson

State Representative

D Rowden

Derek Rowden

Regional Director, Prager University

rafael-cruz | MCRW

Rafael Cruz

Pastor & Public Speaker

Father of Sen. Ted Cruz


Come to one of our monthly meetings where you will:

  • Hear well-known national, state and local speakers talk about current issues and events.
  • Learn about candidates and find out how to support the candidate of your choice.
  • Find out ways to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in our county, state and country.
  • Get to know other conservative thinkers and enjoy conversation over a delicious meal.


Date:  August 13

Time:  11:30

Where: Baylor Club at McLane Stadium

Thanks to our Sponsor Board Members for Their Generous Support!

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