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President’s Message 


MCRW President Vicky Kendig

Thank You to Our MCRW Election Warriors!

What an earth-moving election we experienced!

Who would have guessed that we would see an electoral map that literally glowed red at 2:30 a.m. on Nov. 9? It was such fun sharing our victory with several MCRW board members, who, even after the watch party, texted each other until the wee hours of the morning.

Many of us were genuinely concerned that the pre-election surveys would be accurate, and we would end up with a Clinton presidency.

On the other hand, we wondered how Clinton could be so far ahead with her public tepid reception versus the sweeping, all-out enthusiasm for Trump.

We experienced this first hand at the Republican booth at the McLennan County fair. Those of us who worked it were barely able to keep up with the demand for Republican items from both young and old.

The same was true at our own party headquarters and in San Antonio where my husband and I worked with the Mighty Texas Strike Force. Enthusiasm for our candidate was palpable.

How could so many thousands of people be so wrong? Of course, the truth is we were not!

It appears that we are seeing a new generation of the Silent Majority. How else could the pre-election polls by the media have gotten it so wrong? Apparently most Republicans and undecided voters were fed up with the openly biased, liberal media, and those voters simply refused to engage in the surveys.

In the afterglow of this unprecedented election, we need to reflect and go down on our knees in prayer.

We have been graciously handed a tremendous victory—and a second chance—that we must honor by holding to our values and keeping our own party accountable.

The president-elect and both houses of Congress need to work quickly to implement changes within the first four years. In 2020, we can expect a brutal challenge once more from the moneyed liberals who support Democrats!

We were told that Texas was almost in play this year, and it was a disturbing prospect. Many pundits said that our beloved state was only “leaning” Republican and not solidly red as we had arrogantly bragged for years. Indeed, the Democrats were able to win four Texas House seats from Republicans and elect many officials in Harris and Dallas counties.

The Democrats have worked hard to turn back the clock, pouring tremendous amounts of money and resources into our state. They call us “Battleground Texas.”

We have fought the good fight. But we still have many battles ahead of us, particularly in our beloved state.

The great women and men of our MCRW poured literally thousands of hours into this election. We block walked, phone banked, addressed hundreds of cards and letters, and talked to anyone who would listen. All to help elect our great candidates up and down the ballot—from the White House to the courthouse. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Join us as we continue to fight for conservative values!

You can stay involved or become involved by joining or renewing your membership in the McLennan County Republican Women. Our party and MCRW are big enough for everyone who holds to conservative ideals.

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