Together We Make It Happen!

We need YOU to sell/buy tickets!

On April 13, 8:00 am to 10:00 am, MCRW is having a “Breakfast at Applebee’s” Fundraiser!

At our general meetings on Tuesday, March 12 and Tuesday, April 9, we will have packets of tickets (10 each) for YOU, our members, to take out and sell to your friends, neighbors, and relatives. Or buy them yourself and pass them out to those special people in your life – like maybe your local first responders!  The Breakfast includes scrambled eggs, sausage, potatoes, pancakes w/syrup, orange juice, and coffee — a bargain for $8!

Very Important: On the back of each ticket is a separate sheet with a place to enter the name, occupation, and employer of each ticket buyer. When you sell a ticket, have the buyer fill out that sheet and return it to you so you can turn it in to us with their money. This is required by the state of Texas! If one person buys more than one ticket, have him/her fill out the sheet one time and then write the number of tickets he/she bought on that one sheet.

If you need tickets or if you sell tickets and need to turn in the money,
contact Terry McDonald at  254-981-4297   or
or Pam Archer at  254-644-2949.